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Nuri Gerek (The Power of the Majority)

Nuri Gerek'in en son yazılarını ............TogaMedya dan takip edebilirsiniz.
Nuri Gerek'in en son yazılarını ............TogaMedya dan takip edebilirsiniz.



     I am standing in front of the gates of Scheveningen Prison in the Hague where Mladic will arrive to put in a luxury jail where he will be able to get doctors assistance and will be able to see his wife and kids. Lucky bastard.

I try to remember what happened 17 years ago and will try to tell few things I will never forget because those year my only son was born on 24 may and we named hım Bora (the wınd that blows from the mountaıns of Bosnıa).

It was July 1995 when NATO left the Dutchbats alone in the moslim enclave so they could not protect almost 8000 innocent moslim citizens to be butchered by the troops of Mladic during 3 days.

The painful truth that Europe had no proper army to enforce anything anywhere without the support of the USA made so much impact that Holland finally has some professional army after those bad experiences.

Today there is political support for military action largely supported even in the green banks of the parliament.  There wont be mistakes made like 17 years ago, they say.

I cannot forget the expression on the face of simple bureaucrat positioned at UN quarters.  It is burned in my memory like it was today.  This Dutch officer in Switzerland was talking very depressed during one-hour confessing which he had with a reporter. He was blaming the bad attitude and chaos of the unwilling western governments.  We know the result of their lack of support: a massacre in the middle of Europe which was getting ready for the new peaceful and prosper millennium.

He was sitting behind his desk to collect information in all the details for years, which he could do nothing about. He was asking his government for more military involvement. This information he was putting through to UN Security Council did not made any difference.  UN failed completely in Srebrenica.  We know it was not meant to be. The fact that the air force was not willing to help because of the weather conditions or US paratroops could not be send was a reason to have an inquiry.  Another large bureaucratic mistake There is thick report on Dutch involvment released by a government investigation commity after years. Conclusion: The Dutchbat stationed there was not able to protect their own.

But the media was there everybody has been recording what was happening. We know it know. We cant not say like in Second World War “we didn’t know’

I cannot forget the expression on the face of the Dutch commander Karreman when Mladic in person told him to leave the moslim enclave. He was shaking and could not even talk. His face was frozen. His TV appearance immediately after his return just after the massacre on July 11,12,13 was so weak. How could someone become so helpless?

That was Srebrenica.

Holland can be ınvaded by the US 


I remember Jozias van Aartsen foreign minister of Holland (such a coıncıdande that these bully ıs the mayor of The Hague now) on 10 July 2002 telling reporters that the USA has not accepted the International Criminal Court in The Hague. If the International Criminal Law captures US military personnel and court would accuse lets say former US military top or even sentence a military personal, USA troops could invade Holland to free him.

Van Aartsen added on hıs own dıstınguıshed manner  ‘it is off course very unlikely that this law will ever be acted upon.’

Which means the world might try to convict the crimes of genocide and gross human right violations, there is so much wrong going on in the world where we do not intervene just because it is to complicate or to much risks.

I visited Milosevic case few times. I talked to the lawyers and UN security personal and found out it was a farce process on the most ridiculous scale. The guy was so weaken before he was delivered that could not even talk. When he finally was able to talk about his involvement his own people poisoned him.


Today the Muslims is Holland and Germany are driven away on large scale.

They are forced to leave on a more civil way then the Serbs did. Some Muslims knew that their time came and left the countries on time.

This is same like anti semitism during the World War 2. Muslims of Europe are here for only one thing, which is so precious for the European: Power and Money. They might take the little money and run and keep quiet.  If they want more it wont happened at all.

All the moslim enclaves in the West Europe disappearing one by one in the same way.

The financial crises is like the holocaust, everybody is trying to breathe longer but the air is polluted already. Europe has a disease no one can heal.

17 years after Srebrenica there are three hundreds people gathered around the prison gate to catch a glimpse of the butcher of Bosnia.  Most of them are cameraman and journalist .There are Serbians from Holland with flags, they were largely present next to Dutch and international Media. Serbs are more concerned about their interests in Europe, then the million Muslims living in Europe. I saw not one moslim protesting.

I hope mıster Obama vısıtıng Merkel rıght now can assure me this time that justice will prevail. I hope to see the day that ı wıll dance upon the grave of Mladıç.

Mehmet Nuri Gerek

Yeminli Tercüman ve Mütercim








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